At the Academy I gained so many useful skills and knowledge that opened a lot of doors for me.

André Beccu,

Senior Game/Level Designer, Keen Games

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Founded in 2000, the GAMES ACADEMY was conceived to be the German-speaking countries' first college to specialise in computer and video game production.

As an accredited, private run specialist college, we see it as our mission to provide students with a modern, practice-oriented education that will enable them to effortlessly and successfully find positions in this exciting industry - according to the simple motto:

The success of our graduates means success for us as well!

The feedback proves our concept is right: projects created by students during their time at the Academy have been of excellent quality, even getting the attention of development studios and publishers alike. Graduates of the Academy work for the most important studios in Europe. 

Visits to developers, conventions such as the gamescom in Germany or GDC in San Francisco, in-house-presentations with a professional audience, as well as career days are all opportunities we arrange for our students to bring them into contact with possible business partners or future employers. Attendance of the industry’s “Who is Who” at our regular events enables GAMES ACADEMY students to catch up on cutting edge development techniques as well as develop the contacts that will help launch their careers.

Feedback has proved us right: projects developed during our students’ time of study are already of outstanding quality, convincing both game developers and publishers. Our graduates work for the most influential companies in Germany like Crytek, Related Designs (Anno Series), EA Phenomic (EA Company), Blue Byte (Ubisoft Company), etc.

Gaming encouraged!

It is much easier to learn in a large group of similarly minded students. A common interest in the latest in electronic gaming unites and motivates everyone at the GAMES ACADEMY students, tutors and lecturers alike!

We hope you enjoy discovering our website and would be pleased to welcome you soon at the GAMES ACADEMY in Berlin or Frankfurt

Thomas Dlugaiczyk

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: All courses will be held in German language. Please check with your local Goethe-Institute for German language courses. Thank you!