At the Academy I gained so many useful skills and knowledge that opened a lot of doors for me.

André Beccu,

Senior Game/Level Designer, Keen Games

LabRatory, cool comicstyled Game for iOS and Android. Available soon!

Project based on CRYEngine

Space Captain Flint
First project for NDS at Games Academy

Rise of the Titans
Concept artwork for 3rd person Mech Shooter

One of the most famous projects at Games Academy

Multiplayer role-playing game.

Winner of the Newcomer Award 2007

Dawn of Bugs

Realtime Strategy Game

Featured Game

The Barber Shop

Sharpen your razors, charge up your clippers and slip into the role of a Barber in America´s late 30s, a time of economical depression but also the emersion of new technology and entertainment. The Barber Shop is a First-Person Simulation for PC using a Semi-Realistic 3D Artstyle.

Student projects

Since 2000, a multitude of student projects have been realized at the GAMES ACADEMY. The project development is patterned based upon professional game development in the industry, using real-world methods and tools.

The results that have been achieved so far are amazing. In the meantime, various publishers have shown interest in publishing student projects. The projects currently in development impressively show the level of proficiency of the GAMES ACADEMY.

Games Academy Manager


Games Academy Manager is a single player management simulation for the PC using an easy to read and crisp 3D art style in which the player assumes the role of the manager of a gaming school while being charmingly introduced to the topic of game development and education.

Ralf Kessler - Production / Product Owner
Christopher Willmann - Production / Scrum Master
Dennis Schiefer - Game Design / Vision Keeper
Robert Lücke - Social Media
Mike Pegelow - Lead Artist / Character Art / Animation
Patrick Kazmierczak - Interface Art
Mike Nielsen - Lead Programming
René Schmidt - Event- / SFX-Programming
Sven Giebelmann - Schedule Programming
Marie Havemann - Music / Sound
Jesse Bravermann - Music

The Barber Shop


Sharpen your razors, charge up your clippers and slip into the role of a Barber in America´s late 30s, a time of economical depression but also the emersion of new technology and entertainment. The Barber Shop is a First-Person Simulation for PC using a Semi-Realistic 3D Artstyle.

Ralf Kessler, Game Design
Pedram Navin, Character/Tech Art
Andreas Gallwas, Environment Art
Steven Bartels, Game Programming
Vincent Mahnke, Game Programming
Dennis Schiefer, Game Production
Sarah Doejen, Environment Art

Yours Truly


>> But your touch calms people. That’s a gift from god. << It’s not a gift. God would never give such a painful thing.

Hier gehts zum Trailer auf vimeo.

Camilla Röder - Design Direction
Miriam Jud
- Character & Animation
Anna Köhler - Technical Art
Saskia Wolf - Film Art
Julian-Alexander Hoff - Environment Art
Sebastian Mondwurf - Production
Daniel Burgmann - Programming
Malte Stange - Environment Artist



Orbits is an instant fun 2D vertical racer that puts you in control of a spaceship navigating through asteroid belts of planets from the solar system and beyond. Race against the computer or a friend in a game where dynamically generated tracks and customizable difficulty settings provide long-time gaming fun. If you're looking for a unique 2D racer with a Tetris-like flow experience, this is your game!

No installation required.

Andreas Giger: Game Design Lead, Programming, 2D Art, Music
David Schug: Game Design, 2D Art, Interface Design
Deniz Bagdadi: Additional Game Design
Manuel Stein: Game Design, QA
Marc Trinkhaus: Sound Design, Music

Girls´n Corpses


Girls 'n Corpses is a zombie coop-shooter with survival and tower defense elements. And ZOMBIES! This is a story of Hanna and her daughter Liz. A survival story.

When 2012 the first case of the Unexplaind Mental Dyspallic Syndrom (UMDS) appeared in public no one could have foreseen the severe consequences to follow! 53 % of the worlds population died within a year. 15 % somehow avoided the infection. The other 32% survived the infection but not unchanged! The few unlucky to survive had to move and hide constantly.


See the article about the game in DIGITAL PRODUCTION 06/11, a German special interest title.

Daniel Dargatz - Environment Artist,
Elias Elboucakem - Concept Artist,

Marcel Schanz - Character Art,
Alexander Ockelmann - Environment Artist
Achim Wirth - Environment Artist

Andereas Franz - Character Artist
Jefferey Khou - Technical Artist

Victoria Frohs - Game Design & Animation
Robin Frick - 3D Animator

Matthias Reinhardt - Programmer
Kai Liebenthal - Game Designer
Valentina Wellbrock - Game Designer



It's a 2D platform game heavily inspired by Super Mario, featuring beautiful hand drawn graphics and advanced game mechanics involving the felling of trees.

Christian Meier - audio design, object graphics, Jack, Logbob and bear voices
Rico Nemetz - idea, tileset graphics
Jan Rawski - coding, soundtrack, beaver voices

Julien Rüggeberg - production, coding
Michael Stephan - level design, Q&A
Sabrina Wand - character designs, graphics and animation
Special Thanks:
Jenny-Jinya Hefczyc - intermission and title screens, freelancer
Kathrin Taut - background graphics, freelancer
Sascha Swiercy - Audiere audio extension

Corporate Property


The student-project "Corporate Property" is a 3D first-person Jump'n'Run game that drives the player through a huge futuristic complex.
The hostile security system tries to stop you by all means. Flee to survive!

Robin Hartmann – Producer
Tammo Süß – Producer
Timm Boukoura – Designer
Tino Englert – Designer
Yves Baumgarte – 3D-Artist
Nils Diefenbach – Animator
Lukas Fußhöller – Concepter
Dennis Koch – Programmer
Susan Müller – 2D-Artist
Daniel Pharos – Sounddesigner

The Maya Codex


Play as Jade Owens, the sexy hero of this next-gen 2.5D jump ‘n’ run. She will uncover the ancient Maya codex using the powers of the legendary Maya amulet which allows her to temporarily control time. Enjoy very detailed graphic and astonishing effects enabled by the CryEngine2.
A combination of 2D gameplay with several 3D aspects makes the Maya Codex a unique playing experience.

Thorsten Müller - Producer, Video Editor
Chris Ehmann - Producer, Game-Designer
Tobias Wolf - Game Designer
Jan Kuntscher - Lead Designer
Elena Hoelscher - Lead Artist
Andreas Franz - 2D/3D Artist
Jefferey Khou - 2D/3D Artist
Pascal Müller - Freelance 2D/3D Art



JunKings is a Co-op Sidescrool Shooter, where you play as a Tank (Ground Unit) or as the Fighter (Air Unit) to fight against hordes of drones.

JunKings is an intergalactic operating Company specialized in keeping space a clean place for you. We have everything available to clean up battlefields, deconstructing death stars and of course your toxic waste is treated with best care at the hands of our reliable employees. And we are totally environment friendly too! All your junk goes to one of our artificial planets orbiting the outer rim. The planets consist of a magnetic core that simulates gravity, the junk just falls on there and is sorted and transported by our robotic drones. Every Planet is watched by one of our professional employees, see our employee of the month section to get a personal impression of how well our system works.

Michael Schönfeld - Lead Game Design / Sound Design
Hanno Hinkelbein - 2D Art / Game Design / Music
Phillip Skoric - 3D Art / Sound Design
Ugur Erkul - Lead Programming & Scripting / Interface Design
Denis Kostadinov - Additional 3D Art
Christian Münch - 2D Art / Level Design
Jürgen Miersch - Lead Artist / 2D Concepts / 3D Art & Animation

Special thanks to:
Julius Jacobsen - Additional Programming
Benedikt Albert - Additional Programming

Last Exit


Last Exit is a 3rd Person-Shooter in a post apocalyptic World. Anarchy rules on the Streets and inside the canals of Berlin. Take over the bodies of your enemies and find out what powers wait inside them.

Dennis „Vincent“ Curth – Producer
Dan Verowski – Producer
Philipp Willers – Producer
Philipp Juschka – Programmer
Thilo Kreisel – Programmer
Enrico Wunderlich – Programmer
Steven Driesner – Game Designer
Philipp Hagen – Game Designer
Daniel Mischler – Game Designer
Davil Lüschner – Level Designer
Philipp Strecker – Story Writer
Raphael Benjamin Meyer – Sound Designer
Gil Salvado – 3D Artist
Marco Gromöller – Character Artist
Sebastian Schild – Character Artist
Mirko Wiedmer – Character Artist
Andreas Beer – Enviroment Artist
Christopher Berlin – Enviroment Artist
Kolja Gumpert – Enviroment Artist
Matthias Käsch – Enviroment Artist
Philipp Dege – Concept Artist
Tjark Gloe – Visual Artist
Roman Ochsenfahrt – Animation Artist
Nadine Wies – Animation Artist

Julius Raring – Freelancer 3D
Theresa Schlag - Freelancer 3D
Lamnart Siebert – Freelancer 2D
Katrin Unger - Freelancer 3D

Nefarious Ned


Nefarious Ned is a funny cartoon style zombie jump & run game. You play Ned, the beheaded necromancer, who turned back into undead life, after his clumsy student Igor casted a spell wrong and zombiefied a large region. Ned now seeks revenge to his student and trying to get his castle back. At his journey he has to pass many dangerous locations and other zombies.    

Ilker Sisman – Team Lead, Environment Animation
David Canela – Programming, Sound FX & Music
Tobias Noller – Character Arts, Character Animation, Environment Animation
Marc Sodermanns – Environment Arts, Motion Graphics
Leona Kümmel – Character Arts, Environment Arts, Story
Kai Liebenthal – Level Design
Marcial Giesemann - Programming
Martin Ostertag – Quality Assurance
Jan Brodrecht – Vocal Recordings



The game will create immersive gameplay by providing quick-to-understand game logic, introducing an unconsumed anti-hero character and action-packed level design. The game allows Gravito only by the use of simple controls to run up walls and along ceilings and perform extreme and breathtaking jumps. These aspects paired with the high replayability of levels, by the use of highscores as well as time trials and an appealing comical design will create a unique and gripping gameplay experience.

Producing – Robin Hartmann
Art – Thomas Bruckschen
Design / Animation – Nils Diefenbach
Programming – Emanuel Krause
SFX / Music – Daniel Pharos



Your main priority is the survival. Get Sui through his own fantasy and don´t let him die. Many dangerous and unbelievable things will await you in this terrible world. Use the interaction with Sui for your advantage and try to get him through this insanity, he creates in his mind.

Team Lead, Lead Designer - Martin Fischer
Lead Artist - Sonja Schomacker
Lead Programmer - Steffen Weyand
Background Artist - Alexander Ockelmann
Environment Artist - Elias Aboulkacem
Game Design - Vanessa Gloeckler
Freelancer Artist - Tinko Wiezorrek

Krake Mania


The Tale of Inky´s Revenge
Underwater Jump & Run and Stealth Action

Explore a detailed world under the surface of the ocean. Check coral reefs, wrecks and caves for imprisoned krake mates. Fight your way through oodles of nasty sea dwellers. Clear your path with the davasting Ink-Gun.

Project Lead, Game Design, Sound Design- Daniel Medrzycki
Game Design Lead, Coding - Christian Noack
Character Artist - Jan Ried
Environment Artist, Level Design - Marcel Schanz
Level Design Lead, Game Design, QA - Frederic Simon
Music Composing - Patrick Leonhardt



Classical Jump ´n‘ Run but with new clawbility-function.

Teamlead/ Game Design: Julius Jacobsen
Game Design/ Producer: Michael Heilmann
Game Design: Philipp Czakert
Game Art: Bastian Pastoors, Jan Israel, Sabrina Becker



Avalanche: The Alpine Arcade Action Game

Nonstop vertical scrolling: be prepared. 

Art & Animation:
Lucas Fußhöller
Atilla Camdeviren

Game Design, Audio Design & Programming:
Daniel Bock
Moritz Brach

Roman Frank

Rise of the Titans


In the 3rd Person Shooter ‚Rise of the Titans’, you find yourself in the role of the female mech-pilot Almeida Cruz, who has dropped deep behind enemy lines with her Titan on the Planet of Innsmouth.

Almeida’s goal is, using force of arms and the special abilities of her Titan, to sabotage the defender’s resistance, in order to secure landing zones for the Templar invasion.


Game Producing:
Alfred Bigler, (PRO I 08), Teamlead
Benjamin Föckersperger, (GP I 08) Producer
Phillip Willers, (GP I 08), Creative Producer

Game Design:
Gil Salvado, (ART I 08), Vision Keeper/Lead Game Designer
Maximilian Schlutter, (ART I 08), Lead Level Designer

Art Department:
Nadine Wies, (ART I 08), Lead Artist
Marco Gromöller, (ART I 08), Artist
Martin Kepplinger, (ART I 08), Artist
Maximilian Eham, (ART I 08), Animator
Mirko Wiedmer, (ART I 08), Animator
Mona Zeutschner, (ART I 07), Artist
Michael Kollmann, (ART I 07), Artist


Martin Stark, (PRO I 07), Lead Programmer
Nicolai Pfaff, (PRO I 07), Game Programmer
Christoph Becher, (PRO I 08), Interface Programmer

Michael Goretzki, (GD extern), Level Design
Daniel Pharos, (SD extern), Sound Design
Alexander Mateasik, (QA extern), Quality Assurance
Daniel Steegmüller, (ART extern), Artist
Daniel Finger, (GD extern), Storywriter

Space Captain Flint

(Work in progress)


Space Captain Flint is in grave danger! After barely escaping a deadly field of asteroids, the Captain´s ship gets fired at and he crash lands on an alien planet. Now it’s your turn to help Flint survive in the hostile environment, repair his spaceship and unravel the mysteries of an ancient civilization. The first Games Academy project on Nintendo DS!

- Classical Action Adventure Gameplay
- Innovative, rune - based magic system
- Lovely handmade 2D graphics
- Exciting storyline about alien races and long forgotten technologies


- Jakob Braunisch (Game Design)
- Patrick Chomik (Art)
- Gordon Ermisch (Art)
- Benjamin Föckersperger (Producing)
- Daniel Federl (Game Design)
- Mathias Gontek (Programmierung)
- Bastian Heinrich (Programmierung)
- Ingo Heßling (Programmierung)
- Tobias Renner (Art)
- Hans Rottler (Producing)
- Sebastian Schröter (Programmierung)
- Thomas Sieben (Game Design)
- Simon Zengl (Art)



In “Mindbreaker” the player adapts the character of a little girl that has to solve the mystery about the death of her own parents. In the girl’s imagination, the player steers her around in her old house.

A lot of riddles have to be solved while the player has to avoid different types of enemies with the help of a flash light, the only weapon to save him. A never seen genre mix makes the game a special experience.

The game is based on the CryENGINE 2 from Crytek.

Christin Matt (GD, Protocols)
Eva-Maria Freund (GD, Teamlead, Project Manager)
Eric Eschrich (Art)
Andreas Menkhoff (Art, Art Lead)
John Patrick Deza (Art, Vision Keeper)
Anna Jacob (Art)
Michael Lückhof (Art)
Arne Kleinophorst (Programming)
Dominique Mader (Lead Programming, co Project Manager)



HARD2MORROW is a modern 3D adaption of the arcade classic Pong for two players.The game is set in a post apocalyptic world where you take control of a gladiator, who has to face his opponent in an ultimate fight.




Lead Programmer & Team Lead: Alfred Bigler
Art Director: Sebastian Schild
Concept & 2D Artist: Philipp Fraunholz
Modeling & Technical Artist: Martin Kepplinger
Game Designer: Alexander Lüpke
Animation & Environment Artist: Maximilian Eham
Texturing & Environment Artist: Mirko Wiedmer




Mars, 2402 : Relentless battles for the few remaining resources of the red planet scar the globes surface...

- Tactical first-person shooter
- implemented headtracking technology
- skymap

Daniel Stegmüller - 3D-Artist
Marko Vajagic - Art Director
Thomas Hilbert - Lead Programmer
Steffen Kleene - Programmer
Martin Stark - 3D-Programmer
Sebastian Meyer - Creative Producer
Martin Kreuzer - Team Lead
Jürgen Kayser - Executive Producer

Blake White

Blake White (GD II 2007 FFM)


Blake White is an innovative mixture of the 2D jump’n’run genre and the puzzlegame genre offerring a challenging gameplay and an absorbing graphicstyle. The player picks the role of Blake White, owner of a mysterious gameconsole which draws him into a parallelworld upon starting it for the first time. Blake now has to master his given special abilities in order to solve puzzles and surpass obstacles, to finally find his way back into the real world.

Alexander Lüpke: Producing / Game Design
Timm Over: Art & Animation / Game Design
Alexander Rotter: Art & Animation / Game Design
Martin Storck - Programming, Level Design
Markus Holzer - Game Design, Game Design Document


Blockball (ART & PRO I 2007)


Roll with your ball in dizzying heights and take care not to falloff.Look around, think and find a way to the exit. Go full speed and make breathtaking jumps from block to block.Roll over smooth gravityswitches to bend the laws of physics and unleash your potential of your orientation skills. But hurry before time runs out.

Mathias Gonthek (Programming, SFX)
Bastian Heinrich (Game Programming)
Sebastian Schröter (Tool Programming)
Klaus Ullrich (Programming, Game Design)


Holmgång (work in progress ART/PRO/GP 2006)


Holmgång is a Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game. Survive the gloomy, grim  world of the vikings, which has been devasted during the Ragnarök, the war of gods. Experience a new, innovative and fast-paced combat system. By executing mouse gestures, you will be able to unleash deadly attacks upon your enemies.

Michael Röhle
Patrick Balthazar (Team Lead)
Daniel Rätzer (Programming Lead)
Lukasz Majchrzak
Beatrice Gräßler
Ralf Ossig (3D Lead)
Michael Nadig
Christoph Soyere (GameDesign Lead)
Philipp Büttcher
Denis Loebner (Art Director)
Berker Siino
Frideriki Valkani
Robert Bergmann

Dawn of Bugs

Dawn of Bugs (ART/PRO/GP 2006 sowie GD II 2006)



Fragfist (ART/PRO 2004)


Fragfist is a 3D multiplayer action-shooter with vehicles set in a hostile post-apocalyptic urban environment. The basic idea behind it is to take the vehicle based elements from common FPS titles, like the Battlefield-series, FarCry, UT2k4 etc. to build a cool game around it.




AMOC is an ultra-fast flight shooter with the classic arcade flair. Players use the mouse and keyboard to fly a female cyborg through steep canyons and narrow streets at breakneck speed. True to the arcade style, they must shoot at anything and everything that can somehow be made to explode.

Bricks from above

Bricks from above (1. Semester, GD I 2006)


"Bricks from Above" is a game of skill based on the same principle as the classic "Tetris", but taken to a new level with up-to-date graphics, gripping multiplayer duels and a challenging power-up system.

Olliver Heins - Projektleiter, Sound, Game Design
Sascha Herfort - 3D Artist
Jens Heinrich - Game Design, Animation (Trailer)
Matthias Brunner - Game Design, Dokumentation
Andre Beccu - Programmierung, Balancing
Nils Malte Carstens - 2D Artist

Black Esteem

Black Esteem (ART & PRO I 2006)


In a city shaped and controlled by crime and violence, players pick the role of characters typical for this genre and fight for power and prestige in the underground society..

Anna Timm: Game Designer / Artist
Tim Harder: Game Designer / Artist
Arend Müller: Programmer
David Wolff: Programmer
Lukasz Majchrzak: Programmer
Florian Bodenschatz: Music


JiaBoo (ART/PRO/GP 2006))


Guide JiaBoo savely to the destination of his journey, and master countless traps and mean obstacles that guard the way throughout the levels on this adventurous, yet dangerous trip through challenging nature worlds.

Olaf Spiewok Programmer
Dominik Barth Producer
Simon Holeiter Artist
Florian Bodenschatz Music
Anja Driemecker Music