At the Academy I gained so many useful skills and knowledge that opened a lot of doors for me.

André Beccu,

Senior Game/Level Designer, Keen Games

Lecturer with a game art student.

Game developer is checking the code of game programming students.


The game producer plays a key role in the games industry. He is responsible for the production: In time, in budget and in quality – these are the most important parameters of his job.

There is a lot of demand for producers in the games industry. A growing number of productions is in need of guidance, control and looking after. Over the duration of this four-semester course the focus will be on the basics of business and law. Also there are classes on Game Design, Interface Design and Quality Assurance that teach skills. These skills are reinforced through putting them to work in the student projects.

Dozent und Studenten für Game Production
Presentation of a Game Prototype in front of audience - Game Producer (GA)

Our program Game Production starts in october (winter semester), in Berlin and Frankfurt/Main. Next course start is october 2016 (mainly in German language!).

Tuition Fees are about 550,00 € per month (for further information please see our brochure). Order your free information package from SERVICE.

Consecutive Studies: Graduates of the “Game Design” program are eligible for direct entry into Game Production offered at the GAMES ACADEMY™. Please learn more about the options in our broschure.


Further Information: Game Production

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