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Christoph Brosius,

CEO/Game Producer, Die Hobrechts

Scribbles of lecturer Murzeau

Some impressions from the 40page final comic project...

...which was designed by students...

...and printed finally in small production.

Comic Design

The Comic Design Course at GAMES ACADEMY is back!

Participants of the Comic Design Course will learn all required steps to create two-dimensional comic characters and environments. Further, drawing skills are to be deepened by exercises and techniques such as nude paining, sill life, perspective theory, shorthand, and „triangulation“.  Furthermore, basics of two-dimensional design, classical design, and the development from paper to digital coloring and the realization on the computer will be taught.
The course focuses on character development, storyboarding, as well as storytelling in different styles and forms of expressions, by consulting the creators of famous comic heroes themselves.

Goal of this course
Our goal is to prepare our participants specifically for a job as Comic Designer and ideally enable our participants to find entry into the wide-ranging world of the comic sector. The ever growing and expanding market opens up a variety of interesting field of tasks. As a final project of the Comic Design Course you will create a self developed comic in group work, furthermore this comic is printed in small production.

The course lasts two semesters (one year) at GAMES ACADEMY Berlin. Per week will be held 8 teaching lessons 45minutes each, 2x on work days (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00 till 9:00PM).Applications for running course are always possible.


Breaks are included in the schedule. Since practical experience is of prime importance, that’s why there will be only about 20% of theory. Participants will always be involved in practical projects. In September the Comic Design Course is going to go on vacation, but resumes freshly recovered in October for all participants.  


To enroll in the Comic Design Course you should provide talent for drawing, computer literacy and most importantly a strong motivation. Only participants over the age of 18 are permitted.


Course fees:
The costs for our two semester Comic Design Course in total 2.400,00 EUR (2 x 1.200,- EUR). Fees have to be paid at the beginning of the semester.

Another Payment method is monthly, 12 x 220.00 EUR (means 1.320 EUR per semester).

The one-time registration fee of 175,- EUR is charged in the first invoice. IMPORTANT: due to the fact that this course is held part-time, BAföG funding is not possible. Registration form for download.

For any further questions and feedback feel free to contact our educational advisor at marco.dehner@games-academy.de or Tel.: 030/29 77 91 20.