Applying to Games Academy

Students wishing to begin a program of study in Digital Art, Game Programming, Game Design or Game Production must follow the application process. In order to maintain the quality of education, and because these courses of study require particular skills and talents, preliminary evaluation of aptitude is unavoidable. Not to worry – the application process helps us help you discover whether studying at our institution is worthwhile for you!

Application Basics

  1. Carefully assemble the required documents and send in a written application. For more information, please read the included “How to Apply” document. We accept a multitude of media, including sketches, drawings, rendered work, videos, and websites.
  2. Choose quality over quantity. A strong application will include a few convincing samples of work. Choose ones you are particularly proud of!
  3. Every application we receive will be carefully examined. If we find ourselves unable to accept you, we will provide recommendations on how to improve your application for a second attempt.

The Application Process

Apply early! Games Academy works on a first come, first served basis. As the number of places per term is limited, even applicants with an impressive application may be placed on the waiting list if their documents do not arrive in time. We advise applicants to contact us four to six months before the start of a program.

  1.  Prepare your application papers (see also “How to Apply”).
  2. Send the documents to Games Academy.
  3. The applicant will then be invited to an interview.
  4. During this interview, we will determine the applicant’s technical qualifications and aptitude.


After we receive your application, you will be invited to a day of interviews. During your interview, we will discuss your documents together. You will also be informed of your professional evaluation on the same day, after the interview. Please remember to bring the application fee with you in cash on the day of the interview! Games Academy does not assume responsibility for the material you send in. Any documents you send us must be collected in person. We regret that we cannot return them to you by post.