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Game Programming


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Training in 3D Programming for four semesters provides students with a firm knowledge of classical computing  (basics, C++, DirectX, AI), visualization (3D engine, shader programming, real-time physics), as well as console programming (Sony and Nintendo developer kits) especially adapted to the latest requirements in the games industry. 3D Programmer will work with students from the Game Design, Game Art & Animation, and Game Production programs to create exciting and significant projects using the most up-to-date technology. Teamwork is typical within the industry, which means that these projects will provide our students with the ideal preparation for their working lives. Cooperation between Games Academy and many Developing Studios enables students to gain experience with professional technologies in the course of their education.

Graduates are highly sought-after in the industry. For example, 3D Programmers ensure the functioning of the game engine and the smooth interplay of graphic components (real-time graphic engine, physics engine, effects) for different platforms (PC, console, mobile). Special FX Designer conceive and create all the special effects in a game, impressive explosions, perfect water surfaces, or atmospheric scenarios.

The tuition fees start from 395, - EUR monthly. Further details can be found in our info pack.

Advantages of the Games Academy

Own workstation with 24/7 access

Lecturers from games industry

20 years of educational experience

Four own projects in two years

Best network in industry



Learn from the best! Own workplace, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Realize your own project ideas in a team and under professional supervision.

  • Duration of training: 2 years (4 semesters)
  • Degree: (state-approved) Game Programmer (GA)
  • Location: Berlin
  • Start: October
  • Profiles: UX/UI Programmer, Engine Programmer, Shader Programmer
Game Programming_Martin_kl

"A lot of C++, DirectX and building your own engines with math and physics, that was my second semester class like."

GA graduate Martin
Graduation year 2017

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