Games Academy

Alle Projekte der Games Academy Schüler sind nun auf zu finden. Schaut gerne mal rein!!


Chronicles is a 2D-adventure game with survival aspects, featuring pixel-art in the classic 3/4-perspective. The player takes control of a young cartographer, who got lost on his first expedition and is trying to find his way back home.

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HorD is an arcady highscore-driven Twin-Stick-Shooter set in a dystopian Drug Film universe.

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Ariks Path

Ariks Path is a 3rd Person Puzzle Adventure game that lets you switch between two worlds using a mystical mask. Explore the real and spirit world, solve puzzles and find the way out of the forest.

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What is it?

A crossover between a city builder and a card game, set in a Steampunk universe where smart urban development is key to survival.

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Pew Pew Battle Colosseum

Pew Pew Battle Colosseum is a funny 2D PvP Shooter in a distinct comic book style arena. Use the recoil of your weapon to navigate through a low gravity environment and shoot your opponents down.

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Purr in the dark

„Purr in the dark“ is a 3D first person indie stealth game in which the player has to navigate thoughtfully as a flying fox baby, being aware of their surroundings without being detected by the cats residing on the attics. However, this is not an easy task due to the limited vision. To visualize the environment and the enemies, the player is assited with an echolocation system to determine the direction and distance of objects and threads surrounding it.

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First semester student project. Set in contemporary Japan, the player is tasked to climb the top of Tokyo’s highest tower, the Tokyo Skytree. Utilize different abilities to dodge hazards and maneuver  through all 9 levels.

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Synergy – Masters of Elements

SYNERGY is a 2,5D Fighting Game, in which the player uses different attack combinations to defeat his opponent. During the fight, various dynamics can develop between the fighters, from the defensive assasin which blocking and uses sudden jump attacks, to the aggressive offensive player who uses heavy attacks and combinations.


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Things On Strings

DAS Partyspiel für den PC: bei Things On Strings bilden sich zwei Teams und steuern gemeinsam jeweils eine Marionette. Wer hat also am Besten alle Fäden in der Hand?


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